Hair type: All hair types.

Intelligent Haircare Ingredients: Amino Acids, Allantoin, Green Tea Extract, Burdock Root, Ivy, Rice, Fenugreek Extracts and Cuticle Smoothing Technology.


Step 1:

Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask

Apply our Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask to dry scalp then smooth through lengths of hairs. Wrap into a bun and leave overnight to reveal glossy, nourished, healthy hair.


Step 2:

pH-Balanced Shampoo

Wake up and rinse hair using pH-Balanced Shampoo, thoroughly cleansing and refreshing hair without stripping strands.


Step 3:

pH-Balanced Condtioner

Smooth our lightweight pH-Balanced Conditioner through the mid-lengths of your hair for soft, glossy strands without leaving any residue.


Step 4:

Fibre-Sealing Split End Treatment

Work our Fibre-Sealing Split Ends Treatment into damp hair, paying close attention to the ends. Broke strands are smoothed and rebuilt, with 95% of users agreeing this improved the appearance of their split ends!*

*based on an independent user trial


Step 5:

Hair Density Serum

Complete your routine by applying 20 drops of our Hair Density Serumto roots. 90% of women agree their hair looks fuller* after using for 12 weeks.

*Based on two independent user trials.


Introducing Olivia Rose Smith

Discover why influencer Olivia Rose Smith (@OliviaRoseSmithx) has partnered with us as an Ambassador and how she achieve's gorgeous, healthier-looking hair: "Ever since I lost my hair GG is the only products that I have really used and absolutely swear by them. I have seen the research that goes into it, I have met the scientists behind the products. It's so important for me to use because I don't want to be damaging my hair as it's brand new."

Nourish and smooth strands

Discover Olivia's top hair hacks to gets glossy, manageable and healthy-looking hair, plus find out her favourite product from the range!

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