How to treat hangover hair

We’ve all been there, the morning after the night before; one too many cocktails and we’re feeling worse for wear.  Headache aside, we’re focusing on how to cure hangover hair – hair that feels dry and brittle, a sign it’s dehydrated and this is because of alcohol.

Drink up!

How does drinking alcohol cause dry hair? Alcohol causes the body to become dehydrated, including your hair and scalp, leading to brittle, dry hair prone to breakage. To prevent your body from becoming too dehydrated as you sip on your Martini, you need to make sure you’re staying hydrated throughout the night. Alternate between drinks with a glass of water and always, always have a glass of water before bed after a night of drinking. This will ensure that your body stays somewhat hydrated, lessening the effect of alcohol on your locks… and your head!

Eat up

So you’ve woken up the morning after with the dreaded hangover – a sign that a) you’re not as young as you once were b) your body is seriously dehydrated. Help your body get back on track by putting much-needed nutrients back into your body. Bananas, orange juice & oats are the perfect match to help you back on your way to normality so don’t avoid having breakfast. The vitamin C, Iron & Potassium will replenish your dry hair, ensuring it stays long, strong and gorgeous.


Get some beauty sleep

Sometimes, the only thing for the dreaded hangover is climbing back into bed and sleeping it off. But why not make use of your beauty sleep? Sleep is important for your body to repair itself and replenish all the energy you’re used up that day. Put some moisture back into your dry hair with the Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous masque to ensure that your locks are full of moisture, strength and shine when you finally get out of bed!

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