Do blondes have more fun?

Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson and Candice Swanepole. Just a few of a long list of iconic blonde bombshells that spans far and wide, across decades, industries and continents.From ash blondes, platinum blondes to ombre blondes, it depends on the way you want to work it. If it’s not your natural color, going blonde is a big decision. Is it worth the damage? How often will I need to have it done? How long will it take? But the real question is; do blondes have more fun? Here are 5 reasons to suggest that in fact, blondes have more fun.

Look younger

Arguably a pro and a con, but as we reach our next milestone birthday we would consider it more of an advantage. Lighter hair can create the illusion of a brightened complexion, more even skin tone and softened wrinkles. Opting for more golden tones in your hair can add a natural, sun-kissed glow to your face –making you look younger and healthier.

Feminine features

Natural-born, Caucasian blondes have been found to have higher estrogen levels than brunettes, so are more likely to have feminine facial features and possibly less body hair. Blonde hair naturally attracts light and attention to a woman, and is thought of by many to be a sex signal.

Cash in

According to a 2009 survey, blonde waitresses earn significantly more tips than their brunette colleagues. People have been found to respond in a friendlier manner to blondes, so that probably explains their increase in generosity too! Sure sounds like blondes have more fun in this scenario!

Make it as an Angel

The current Victoria Secret Angel line up is an equal split of brunettes and blondes, so you’re equally as likely to make it as an Angel –and here’s us thinking it was our hair color holding us back!

Boost your social life

Research has found that blondes are generally perceived as being more approachable, and therefore are more likely to become engaged in conversations whilst out and about. It is also thought that dying your hair lighter makes you feel younger and want to relive your youth, making you feel a little more sociable. Maybe blondes do have more fun.

Whatever your hair color, Grow Gorgeous loves you all the same. Our color protect, blonde and brunette prismatic cleansing conditioners are designed to enhance your color, natural or not. After all, everyone’s more fun when they have gorgeous hair, right?



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