How to get the feel good factor from your hair

Your hair is a very powerful tool and the affect it can have on your day is never to be underestimated. A bad hair day can knock your confidence, even make you feel self-conscious as you go about your day; not wanting to draw attention to yourself. Equally, when you feel that you look good and you’re having a gorgeous hair day it puts that slight spring in your step, you’re in a better mood, you walk taller, prouder and it’s evident that you’re feeling good about yourself for everyone around you to see.

Here’s how to get the feel good factor from your hair.

Shimmy on over to the shower

Showering is commonly one of the best and easiest ways to make you feel fresh and awake. It’s the revitalising everyday activity that most of us take for granted as it comes as second nature to us to wake up, shower and start our day but a good shower with a revitalising hair wash is often the best way to start your day and have you on your way to getting the feel good factor from your hair.

There are ways to wash your hair that can better the feel and appearance of it, and there are ways that can go wrong and give you bad hair. Mistakes people often make in the shower include not rinsing out your shampoo and conditioner thoroughly enough, leaving a heavy residue in the hair or even dandruff which will make your freshly-washed hair feel lank and dirty.

The right way to wash your hair to give you the feel good factor is to incorporate a hair massage into your wash. Not only will the scalp massage encourage blood circulation to the scalp, massage is a sensory experience often reserved for a spa so if you can make the everyday activities such as washing your hair feel all the more indulgent it is those treats that make the day seem special and set you off in a good mood for the day.

Spend 5 minutes styling your hair

Who else spends far too long staring into their wardrobes lost on the thought of what to wear that day? Us too! But can you say you do the same for your hair? Styling ourselves every day with the colours and fabrics we choose for our clothes and what accessories to wear with an outfit is quite fun and we consider how clothes will make us feel and this is true for hair too. To get the feel good factor from our hair we need to give it the same attention we do our outfits.

Spending an extra 5 minutes on your hair be it perfecting your blowdry, trying a loose and chic chignon or simply running a little serum through the ends to give that finished polish look, those small details never go unnoticed when you catch your reflection as you’re going about your day.

Change up your look

Often, when you’re feeling fed up you’re in need of a change to inspire you and a change in your hair is a highly effective way to press ‘reset’ on yourself and your overall mindset. Whether you’re going for the chop, thinking about cutting in a fringe or flirting with the idea of becoming a bronzed and brunette goddess or a blonde bombshell you can read all about which hairstyles suit certain face shapes here.

Smooth things over

Dry and frizzy hair can be distracting. Don’t believe us? It’s like the ladder in your tights that you’ve caught just as you step into the office or a nail that you’ve snagged when you don’t have a nail file to hand. Dry and brittle ends to the hair are just another unwanted distraction to our day and certainly don’t help us in our guest for the feel good factor from our hair. Smoothing hair down will instantly make your hair look presentable, no matter the texture or whether or not it might be due a wash. Using a light serum such as End Split Ends will nourish the ends defrizz dry ends so hair sits smooth and doesn’t irritate you all day long.

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