A trick for gorgeous hair in thirty seconds

The road to healthy, gorgeous hair can feel like a long and well-trodden path at times and building a haircare ritual that takes care and attention to achieve the hair you’ve always dreamed of. It’s not just about the products you use on your hair (though this is equally important) but it’s how you treat it. A favorite trick of ours to help improve the look and feel of your hair involves just thirty seconds of your time. Here’s how to get gorgeous hair before you’ve even stepped out of the shower…

Brave the chill for thirty seconds

Brace yourself, it involves icy cold water (or as cold as you can take). Once you’ve finished washing and conditioning your hair you need to grit your teeth and give yourself a blast of as-cold-as-you-can-take water for thirty seconds. Why? Well, while we can admit it’s pretty unpleasant and takew some getting used to, a cold blast of water at the end of your shower helps our hair. The cold water flattens and smooths the hair cuticle, sealing it and making stronger and smoother.

Unlike washing your hair with water that is too hot that can dry hair out and make it brittle and prone to damage, a cold water rinse once you’ve finished washing your hair helps with the condition of your hair. There’s also the added benefit of a cold blast making hair look better too. Sealed, smooth hair cuticles reflect the light better, making hair look shinier and therefore healthier.

What to take in the shower with you

Will you be trying this cool trick for gorgeous hair? Brave the icy blast and you’ll be reaping the rewards far longer than those thirty seconds in a cold shower.



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