Gorgeous hairstyles for your face shape

Hair is so much a part of a woman’s identity that we become attached to our tresses and rarely venture outside of our comfort zone. Some women will always be blonde no matter what and there are women who have had long hair for as long as they can remember and wouldn’t dream of cutting it all off. So if you have been contemplating cutting in a fringe or lobbing off a few inches but are worried if it will suit you there are a few points to bear in mind to get a gorgeous hairstyle for your face shape.


If you have an oval face…

Lucky you! You’ve won the genetics lottery as far as we’re concerned for picking a style to complement the shape of your face. Generally speaking, any cut and style will suit you but the make the most of an oval face shape, add some height and volume at the roots to enhance and elongate your face. You can even pull off the ever-tricky centre parting which can be hard to pull off on non-symmetric faces whereas an oval shape is the most aesthetically pleasing so really, anything goes.


If you have a square face…

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The best way to identify whether or not you have a square face is to look at your jawline. It will be almost as wide as your temples and hairline.  Styling hair around a square face will require you to bear in mind that anything too sharp or severe of a haircut can make the jawline look even sharper and more defined and ideally you will want to soften those strong facial features. Creating volume ah the sides of your face and having long hair to fall around the jawline is very flattering and will make your face look rounder.


If you have a round face…


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Round faces often get a bad rep as they’re seen as the trickiest of the bunch to pull off a multitude of hairstyles but would you ever put Mila Kunis is a ‘difficult to style’ box? We didn’t think so…

Having a round face and choosing a haircut or style to suit you is all about experimenting. If you do want to make your face appear slightly elongated then you can add texture around the top of your head to give the illusion of a longer face. For day-to-day styling a messy top knot looks chic and adds that all-important volume.


If you have a heart shaped face…

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Heart shape faces are also really lucky when it comes to finding a hairstyle and cut to suit you. With great definition to your face with a pointed chin, high cheekbones and round cheeks, nearly all hairstyles will suit you. You can also get away with pulling all your hair off your face with a sleek ponytail or an intricate updo to really show off your fabulous sculpted cheekbones.

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