Is your hair in need of a #HAIRCATION?

Is your hair looking tired, limp and lifeless because of product build-up sitting on the scalp? If your hair doesn’t seem to be growing past a certain length and the roots are blocked with impurities making hair feel oily and unhealthy then it’s time to shake things up and press refresh on your hair.

Hair, like mind and body can become weak when overworked and uncared for and left unnourished or nurtured. We can reach breaking point – and the same goes for our hair.

While we appreciate we don’t all have the time (or finances) to jet off to some faraway tropical island or escape to a tranquil mountain retreat whenever we’re in need of a break, we like to think that Scalp Detox is a little pot of paradise in your shower.

What is a haircation?

A haircation is a vacation for your hair. It leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated and looking and feeling gorgeous! We all need to detox and wind-down every once in a while and Scalp Detox is your remedy to press reset on your hair and scalp.

If you’re ever feeling stressed or tired you can bet the effects if this will begin to show in your appearance. Your hair can say a lot about your health as when the skin and your scalp is dehydrated or congested this can cause dryness, itchiness and irritation and equally an overly-congested scalp with product build-up can cause excess sebum secretion making hair limp and lifeless.

The signs that your hair is in need of some TLC

  • The scalp is suffering with product build-up and can become dry, itchy and flaky. The roots become blocked with impurities and this disrupts hair growth.
  • Hair is dull and loses its luminous shine and healthy bounce. Strong and healthy hair should have some elasticity to it making it more resilient to brushing but also keeps hair bright and bouncy.
  • Hair becomes dry and therefore brittle; making it more fragile and likely to break off.
  • Visible split ends are a sign that your hair is tired and easily snapping.
  • Hair that tangles easily or snags as you run your fingers or a brush through it is a sign your hair is dry and damaged. When hair is healthy, the cuticles lay flat and strands are able to slide against each other. But when hair is damaged, the cuticles become raised, making hair not only drier but also more susceptible to becoming entangled.
  • The texture of your hair is likely to change if it is under stress. Hair will often dry out when under pressure (be it from environmental factors such as pollution or physical from excessive heat styling or over-processing) and this can affect the look and feel of hair as it becomes dry and feels rough to touch.

The scalp needs special care and attention just like the skin on our face. Scalp Detox is an exfoliating pre-wash treatment using natural exfoliators, castor oil beads and pomegranate enzymes to buff away dry skin and remove impurities from the scalp that block roots and disrupt hair and scalp health. Like a vacation for your hair, Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox works to purify the scalp and create a happy, healthy environment on which gorgeous hair can grow. Get that refreshed and rejuvenated feeling that is typically only achieved from two weeks on a tropical island in just a few minutes in the shower with Scalp Detox.

Take a detox without a week-long retreat in the mountains or even a single juice cleanse in sight.

We believe that all the good a vacation does for mind and body, Scalp Detox does for the hair and scalp. It is an indulgent treatment that purifies and refreshes. You’re left feeling invigorated and like brand-new. In our busy lives, who has the time for these indulgences? Scalp Detox is a transformative product you can use weekly in the shower and have your very own #HAIRCATION.



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