How to make the best impression in your online profile picture

How to make the best impression in your online profile picture

These days there is an app for everything. Whether you want to find a house mate, a new job, a new sofa or a new boyfriend, you can bet that you will have to create an online profile to do so.
Whilst we’d like to be the expert on everything, we cannot advise you how to write a bio for your top gamer online profile –so we’ll just stick to some quick hair and makeup tips to help you make the best impression whatever the occasion.

1. Face First

Take your picture either head and shoulders or head-to-waist. Positioning yourself so your face isn’t too far from the camera, with your eyes unobstructed, will give an open and honest impression. If you are thought of as open, approachable and trust worthy, you will be making a better impression and are likely to have better results from your online profile –whether it is to try and sell an old dress or find your Mr Right.

2. Express yourself

Whether you are going for your dream job, looking for the perfect match or it’s simply for a social media account- you should always use your profile picture to express yourself. Your profile picture is the first port of call for someone landing on your profile –so make sure it reflects YOU. If you enjoy wearing bright, expressive makeup, do it in your profile picture too –it’ll let your personality shine.

3. Crack a smile

A smile oozes confidence, approachability and also portrays that you are happy in yourself and your life. And who wouldn’t want to work with/date/do business with a happy and confident young woman like yourself!

4. One size doesn’t fit all

The important thing to keep in mind is that these are simple guide lines, at the end of the day your profile picture should reflect you and be relevant to the situation too. You probably wouldn’t want to use the same online profile picture on a dating app as a recruitment website. Whatever the situation, make sure you are comfortable with the photograph and make sure it truly reflects you.

Discover how to nail your online profile picture whether you’re looking for new furniture, a new job or a new relationship.



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