What is meditation for multi-taskers?

These days, we are so busy we can barely find ten minutes to get our heads together with some meditation. We would love to be meditating, yoga-doing, mindful beings. (Although we imagine these people only exist in outer Los Angeles retreats). The truth is, finding the time and head space can be a real struggle.
In our quest to live less stressful and more productive lives, we would like to introduce you to meditation for multi-taskers. An entry point to meditation, mediation for multi-taskers helps to keep your brain from going into over drive. Start by changing the way you think about mediation. So firstly, what is mediation?

What is meditation?

Many mediation experts encourage the idea that instead of your mind being completely free of thoughts, meditation is actually about stepping back from your day and can be as simple as allowing yourself time to reflect. Setting aside ten minutes, means when you are reflecting on the day, you cannot react quickly to what you are thinking about. This means you can avoid getting stressed and overwhelmed.
From reading a book, to folding the laundry doing a small task that will require your attention for ten minutes will give you chance to process the day. Meditation apps are really popular at the moment, and they’re not just for experienced meditate-rs. Once you have mastered the art of doing ONE task for ten minutes, try sitting in silence for ten minutes and letting your mind wonder.

Getting to a happy medium

Here at Grow Gorgeous HQ we have found a happy medium. Our Back into the Roots ten minute hair masque, requires your application and for you to leave the masque on for ten minutes. After massaging it into our scalps, we commit to a ten minute rest on our beds, get up and wash it off. Taking just ten minutes out of our evening like this leaves us feeling relaxed and with fuller and thicker hair. Using a masque whilst meditating will take away your hair worries and leave you with one less thing to do. The Back into the Roots masque stimulates your scalp, boosting circulation. This leads to promoted hair growth. It has a fresh peppermint smell that will leave you feeling revived and ready to take on the world.

Sit back, relax and dream of the great hair days. Namaste!



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