Professional Hairstyles – what your hair tells your employer about you

Could your employer’s perception be being altered by stereotypes? Are you opting for some less-than professional hairstyles? Whilst this article makes fun of some of the stereotypes associated with different hairstyles, if you’re struggling to bag your dream job, it might be worth trying something new!

Are you curly creative or straight to the point?

Women with straight, sleek hair are typically perceived as being more professional, organised and conservative. This is why on TV women in high powered career roles such as lawyers tend to have sleek, straight hairstyles. Curly hair is often perceived to be donned by the more creative women. Think artists, writers and architects. Is your curly top stopping you from perusing your dream career?

Long & lovely or seriously short?

Often people perceive long hair to be more attractive, softer and probably not quite as serious as short hair. Studies have found that male managers tend to perceive women with short hair as being powerful, confident and self-assured. Could your long locks be leaving you longing for new role?

So what are the most professional hairstyles?

Traditionally, long hair would be seen as more professional if it was neat and in an up-do, whilst straight short styles like polished bobs, are prefect for a smart up do. Of course, times are changing, as are the expectations of companies and employees. Any offices no longer expect typical “office attire” to be worn for work. In many places of work, employees are encouraged to express their selves through their image, and also reflect the brand through their style.
We say, as long as you’re happy and comfortable, then you’ll be able to do your job better regardless – professional hairstyles or not. Happy hair styling!

Long, short, straight, curly, whatever works for you is best!



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