The healthy hair diet

can a vegan diet cause hair loss

What if we told you that you could eat your way to healthier hair? It’s the best news ever, right? Long have we known the benefits of different food groups for perking up our energy levels, soothing upset stomachs and even brightening and refreshing our complexions but we seem to have been ignoring a whole variety of foods that have amazing effects on the look and feel of our hair.

Here at Grow Gorgeous we are huge advocates of the powers of Biotin for healthy hair growth. Our new Hair Density Nutrients have supercharged levels of Biotin in them to really nourish the roots for healthy and speedy hair growth though we’d also suggest you seriously consider upping your intake of Biotin-rich foods alongside taking our Hair Density Nutrients for a varied diet that will contribute to healthy hair.

So as well as cutting down on heat styling in an effort to improve the health of your hair, how about taking a look at our list of Biotin-rich foods and picking some up the next time you’re picking groceries?



Everyone loves avocado, right? We can’t get enough of it and aside from its delicious taste and versatility as an ingredient from smashed avo on toast to chocolate pudding (yes, really), we love avocados because they’re packed full with plenty of gorgeous-hair-giving vitamins and good fats.

Greek yogurt

Now don’t skimp and opt for the reduced fat version, you need the thick, protein-rich original yogurt. It is rich in vitamin B5 and this helps with blood flow to your scalp for healthy hair roots.


Our bodies don’t naturally produce omega-3 but this is a brilliant fatty acid that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Hair can shed when there is inflammation in the body, especially in dry and uncomfortable scalps so keeping the scalp in good health will help prevent hair loss.


Any protein-rich lean meats such as chicken are great to encourage hair growth. When hair has a good supply of protein from our diets it is less likely to become weak, brittle and to shed.

Iron-rich greens

Leafy greens such as spinach and bok choy are packed with iron which contribute to the level of ferritin in your blood. A low level of ferritin can be a prelude to hair loss so keeping up a healthy dose of iron in your diet can help hair growth.



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