The one hair product you need on your vacation packing list

Packing for vacation is quite the skill and balancing how much is too much or too little to carry with you is a constant battle. Surely everyone can recall a time they’ve wrestled with the zipper on their case trying to fit everything in as our natural instinct to over-pack takes over logic and any care about excess baggage weight charges goes out the window because you can never have too many outfit options, right?

There is however one area in your vacation packing list that you can streamline everything down and save on space – your wash bag.

Overwhelmed with your vacation packing? Streamline your suitcase with this one hair product to help hair stay healthy all summer long.

While on vacation hair is supposed to be easy; think tousled waves fresh from the beach with sea salt lingering in the ends giving it some soft texture. So why is it then that we think we need 101 products to keep hair looking gorgeous and feeling healthy while out in the sun? Lighten the load this summer and carry just one hair product with you to do the job of many.

Grow Gorgeous Strengthening Oil is a nourishing, protective oil that can be used on dry or damp hair. With frizz-fighting properties from smoothing, nourishing and naturally-sourced Amazonian oils, UV and heat damage protection and intense nourishment all ticked off the list of what this product can do, it’s the only product you need on your vacation packing list

Here’s a run through of what the multi-purpose oil contains and how it can be used on hair:

  • Chia seed oil and a blend of sustainably-sourced Amazonian Brazil Nut and Sacha Inchi oils to tame frizz, smooth and nourish the hair.
  • Beet extract provides additional nutrition to feed fragile, stressed hair exposed to UV, pollution, harsh weather and excess heat and styling damage.
  • Anti-oxidant properties in Chia Seed Oil protect against air pollution, preventing hair from drying out and hair strands splitting. The Omega-3-rich oil protects hair fibres from oxidative damage by creating a protective film around the hair to avoid protein loss.
  • Used poolside to reinforce hair fibres and protect the hair from UV exposure, Strengthening Oil nourishes the hair.
  • Run through the mid-lengths to ends, Strengthening Oil can tame frizz and smooth the hair.
  • Used liberally, Strengthening Oil can double up as an intense hair treatment applied throughout the hair if it is looking and feeling dry and parched after a long day at the pool or beach being out in the sun all day.