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Does dying your hair damage it?

Whilst here at GG, we’re all about championing optimum hair health, we understand that not everyone is born with the deep chocolates, ashy blondes and intense auburns that they might desire.

Whether home dye or highlights is your method of choice, they can all unfortunately leave our freshly coloured locks feeling a little lacklustre, leading us to ask; does dying your hair damage it?

The answer is yes, dying your hair will cause damage. But how?

First, ammonia lifts the hair’s cuticle…

…a layer which naturally protects strands of hair. In order for dye to penetrate the strands and actually change hair’s colour, this protective cuticle has to be lifted. This is the job of the ammonia which elevates hair’s pH, in turn causing the cuticle to raise, removing this naturally protective barrier. This is the first way in which colouring your hair causes damage.

Peroxide then strips your actual colour.

By diminishing your current tone and pigment, peroxide prepares hair for the colourant that is applied next, drying and damaging the hair in the process. Whilst the colour then sinks into your hair, your cuticle remains lifted, weakening further until the dye is rinsed and the cuticle closes.

How to repair dyed hair?

So whilst all that info is far from ideal, we know that life without balayage sounds pretty dull, so the question becomes; how can you repair colour damaged hair?

Eat your hair healthy

Whilst changing your diet won’t repair colour damaged hair overnight, consuming the right nutrients will help promote hair health and strength. Incorporating vitamin rich foods like spinach, berries and sweet potatoes will help optimise hair’s natural reparative process.

Cut down on washing it

Regularly shampooing your hair strips it of its natural oils, which are vital in the fight against breakage and damage. Try and reduce the amount you wash your hair to a maximum of twice a week, substituting with the Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner if grease begins to build up.

Give your hair some R&R

When hair feels as though it’s reaching breaking point, grab the Grow Gorgeous Repair Collectionto restore your tresses to their former glory. Routinely.

Our unique shampoo and conditioner restore and repair from within, getting inside the problem of hair damage and reinforcing strands instead of just masking the issue. Rich in Cupuassu Butter, Amino Acids and Bamboo Extract to repair, protect and strengthen damaged strands.

Discover our NEW hair repair products that…

  • Repair, protect and strengthen hair damaged by bleaching and excessive heat styling.
  • Reinforce hair fibres, increasing strength and elasticity so hair is resilient to breakage.
  • Intensely nourish and condition dry, weak strands to leave hair hydrated, smooth and soft.

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