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Ingredient IQ: Biotin

Ingredient IQ: Biotin

Have you ever had a really bad haircut or braved the big chop and then instantly regretted it? We’ve all been there and we know that feeling when you wish for your hair to grow quickly so you’re back to looking and feeling like your usual gorgeous self. But what’s a girl to do? Reach for Grow Gorgeous Hair Density Nutrients of course!

Our new hair supplements include all the essential ingredients at just the right levels your hair needs to help improve its health and ultimately speed up hair growth. Among Hyaluronic Acid to moisture the root and scalp so hair doesn’t feel dry and brittle and our unique blend of amino acids to reinforce hair fibers, we’ve packed in higher-than-average levels of Biotin to give your hair that boost in growth.

What is Biotin and why is it so important for healthy hair growth?

Biotin is a B vitamin that it is thought to be essential for healthy hair growth. Though our body produces biotin naturally, ensuring we have the right levels of Biotin by supplementing this with vitamins and nutrients such as Hair Density Nutrients, helps keep skin moisturised (this goes for the scalp too), makes hair stronger and less likely to shed and Biotin encourages healthy hair growth.

Biotin naturally reacts with enzymes in our hair cells that produce amino acids in our body. As hair fiber is mainly made up of a protein called ‘keratin’, our hair needs those amino acids to build hair fiber so it is strong and will not become dry or snap off so it can grow long.

Biotin also aids the body in breaking down foods and releasing energy and improving the circulation of blood throughout the body. If the scalp has adequate blood circulation, hair follicles are healthier and hair is supported to reduce hair breakage and hair is fuller and grows faster.


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