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Recognizing and treating sun damaged hair

It seems as we get a little older, we begin to worry about anti-aging and damage on our skin from UV-rays. As fall comes upon us we give ourselves a mini round of applause for remembering the importance of skincare this summer. Then we look in the mirror. For so many of us, fall requires a major hair cut to get rid of our dead ends and revive damaged hair. The summer dries out our tresses, and can leave it dehydrated, neglected and looking a little worse for wear.
Summer presents different factors for your hair, skin and body to contend with, from humidity, heat and UV rays, exposure to salt water and chlorine.

For us, the first signs of sun damaged hair are a result of dehydration: split ends, more hair breakages and our hair looking generally dull, dry and lifeless. Relax, we have 3 perfect solutions to prevent a major chop.

End Split Ends

Split ends are a major hair concern for so many women. They leave your hair looking rough, unkempt and quite frankly, a little dead.
Our End Split Ends serum nourishes and repairs the ends of your hair leaving your tresses looking strong and healthy again. Simply apply to the ends of your hair and leave it to work its magic.

Hair breakage help

When your hair is dry and damaged, it is more brittle and much more prone to breaking. You might feel like only something really exotic and powerful could fix it. Lucky for you, we have just the product. Our new Strengthening Oil will give you the strength of the Amazon. It is omega rich and made with Amazonian oils to strengthen, protect and restore your hair’s natural, healthy shine. In fact, it has been found to restore 90% of your hair’s natural shine after just 2 applications!

Dull, dry and lifeless hair

The ultimate overnight revival product has to be our Overnight to Gorgeous masque. Wake up gorgeous with our nourishing masque that works through the night to smooth hydrate and strengthen your hair. Simply apply to your hair, place a towel on your pillow, and let the soothing fragrance of Bulgarian lavender and forest woods lull you into beauty sleep. Wake up, wash out and prepare for your friends to be jealous.

Say goodbye to the signs of sun damaged hair with our 3 helpful tips.



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