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How to stop hair breakage

Have you ever noticed when your hair doesn’t look or feel quite as full, or that you’ve developed a lot of hairs at the front of your face that won’t lay flat or blend into your hairline? We’re sorry to tell you that these probably aren’t new baby hairs sprouting up, but your hair is likely to have snapped off leaving you with a fuzzy hairline.

So why does our hair break off? Hair breakage is an ever-present and ongoing issue for millions of women that is caused by our everyday styling and environmental factors that cause the hair to weaken and become more prone to snapping and breaking off. Hair is a very flexible and resilient fiber and can put up with a lot before it’s likely to break– though that’s only if it’s in good condition!

Hair breakage is always going to stand in your way of reaching your ultimate hair goal of having longer, fuller and thicker hair as hair will never be able to grow long if it keeps breaking off at a certain point. So keeping hair strong is vital for it growing long.

Hair breakage occurs when the hair strands are dry and damaged and when hair fibre is weakened. These can all be caused from day-to-day styling, colour processing, UV exposure and moisture being stripped from the hair causes it to dry out and become brittle.

Keeping hair as moisturised and hydrated as possible as well as strong will help to prevent hair breakage. There are multiple things you can do to care for your hair and to help reduce the amount of hair breakage you’re experiencing.

Here are our gorgeous tips to reduce hair breakage:

Treat hair to an intense mask once a week

Using conditioning treatments between regular washes will help keep the hair moisturised and give it a boost in its condition. Deep conditioners may be too heavy for everyday use so setting aside a night for an intense mask will help with the condition in a manageable way. Grow Gorgeous Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask is hair mask you can sleep in so there is minimal effort involved in treating your hair. The treatment will nourish dry and tired hair and help reinforce hair fibres that were previously dehydrated and therefore prone to splitting and hair breakage.

How to use Balance Shine-Enhancing Overnight Mask:

Work a generous amount into your hair (it can be dry or damp, depending on how you find it easiest to apply though we would recommend dry hair so that the product isn’t diluted) and take this opportunity to give your scalp a massage as you go. Place a towel on your pillow (especially if you have really nice bed sheets!) and simply go to sleep. In the morning, rinse the masque out in the shower and follow with a deep cleanse (we recommend Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner) to ensure you’ve removed all traces of the masque. Dry and style your hair as normal.

Avoid combing your hair when it’s wet

Wet hair is more elastic and can stretch beyond its normal ability which can lead to it snapping off if it is overstretched. Managing wet hair is always difficult as here is when your hair is most vulnerable and likely to be damaged, so taking special care with how you treat your hair when wet can limit hair breakage. We always recommend you to use a wide tooth comb to smooth out the hair and to work at the ends of your hair, working up to the roots to avoid snagging the hair.

Think about how you’re styling your hair.

When styling your hair, think about how you’re treating your hair and consider if what you’re doing may lead to hair breakage. Pulling hair up in to tight updos or wrapping your hair up tightly in hair bands can put a lot of pressure on the individual hair strands and cause them to become weak and more likely to snap off.

When you so style your hair be sure to use a serum or oil every time to help protect the hair and lock in moisture. Hair Density Serum Intense contains antioxidant properties from Chia Seed Oil that creates protective film around the hair to avoid any loss of protein in the hair that keeps it strong and Beet Extract which feeds fragile, stressed hair so it is strong against UV pollution.

Look at the ingredients on your shampoo that attribute to hair breakage

We’re all so used to those familiar suds that lather up from a shampoo that it can be hard to wean ourselves off them when the reality is that they’re actually damaging your hair. Many foaming shampoos contain sulfates that can dry hair out and are harsh on the hair and scalp. Of course, conditioners will do some work in restoring the moisture and softness in our hair that is lost when exposed to hair products with sulfate in them such as traditional shampoos but why would you treat a problem when you can avoid it altogether?

Grow Gorgeous products are all free of sulfates and parabens and this is integral to hair health. Our sulfate-free pH-Balanced Conditioner does all the work of a cleansing shampoo and moisturizing and nourishing conditioner all in one step so hair is strong and hydrated and you’re therefore less likely to experience hair breakage.

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