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Why taking care of your scalp is the <i>root</i> to healthy hair

Using hair heat protector, shampoo and conditioning treatment are things that you have probably managed to work into your daily routine, or at least you try to. Whilst these will help to keep your hair in good condition, taking good care of your scalp is key to achieving the healthy hair of your dreams. Ironically, your scalp could be the root of your hair troubles.

A good way to think of your hair and scalp is that your hair is like a flower garden. Your roots and scalp are like the roots and flower bed. Without nourishing, moisturizing and taking care of your scalp, your hair (just like the flowers) cannot realize its full potential. From harsh products to ruthless brushing many of the things we do daily are damaging to our roots and scalp.

It’s all a balancing act

Often people have problems with getting healthy hair as their scalp is imbalanced. Dry in some areas, oily in others. Balancing the pH levels in your hair will help you to grow healthy hair faster and improve the condition of your hair. A balanced pH level support a healthy scalp prevents infections and promotes hair growth. Don’t fret, you don’t need to be a scientist to determine how to re-balance your pH levels. Simply need to listen to your scalp.

If it feels dry, it’s likely you need to stop using harsh chemicals. In any case, sulfate free products are best. Whilst sulfate free means fewer bubbles, it means your hair and scalp are not striped of their natural and essential oils allowing your scalp to get back to into its own balance. It can take time to train your hair back into producing the correct amount of oils; in fact you might find your scalp appears to be producing excess oil. Avoid reverting back to your old shampoo, even if you feel your hair is greasy. It’s important to give your scalp time to balance out. Our Hair Density shampoo is free from harsh detergents, sulfates and parabens, delivering gentle cleansing to leave you with thicker, fuller and healthier hair.

Stimulate your scalp

In the same way you feel energized after exercise, giving your scalp a good massage helps to increase blood circulation to your scalp, stimulating the cells and promoting cell reproduction and hair growth. Massaging your scalp not only leads to healthy hair, but can help to relieve migraines, headaches and back pain, reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, renews energy levels, relieve insomnia and even boost memory capabilities. Grow Gorgeous Back into the Roots stimulating masque cools and calms the scalp, again paraben and sulfate free, it is kind to sensitive scalps too and will leave you with invigorated and healthy hair.

Don’t be a hot mess

Be careful not to expose your hair and scalp to excessive heat. Washing your hair in water that is too hot dries your scalp and hair out and leaves cuticles open to damage. Try washing your hair in warm water and finishing with a quick blast of cold water. It might not be much fun on a winter morning, but the cold blast will close the cuticle and seal in moisture, plus it’ll wake you up. The change in temperature can also stimulate you scalp cells.

Follow our tips and you’ll be well on your way to healthy hair and scalp.



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