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The conditioner you can apply to your roots

When it comes to caring for our hair there are a few golden rules that we know always to obey; avoid brushing your hair when it is wet, always use a heat protector and never apply conditioner to your roots. Well, we’re breaking the rules on that last one.

Why? Grow Gorgeous do hair care differently and we want to tell you why you should be applying this conditioner to your roots!

Traditionally the rule has always been that conditioner should be applied from ear level and down towards the ends. You want to avoid conditioner at the roots because this would typically create lank and greasy hair at the top of your head. When conditioner is too rich for the hair at the top of your head (that is likely to be in much better condition than the ends where they become dry and brittle due to over-exposure to styling and heat damage) then it will become weighed down.

Grow Gorgeous Hyaluronic Density Conditioner however is an entirely new generation of hair conditioner. With a unique formula to condition hair and scalp to aid hair growth and overall hair health, applying this conditioner to your roots is not only encouraged but the product has been specifically designed with this use in mind. An innovative form of hyaluronic acid is blended with amino acids, Biotin and B-vitamins to address hair thinning by stimulating hair follicles for a fuller appearance and dramatically improved hair density.

What’s in it to make it different?

  • Niacin is known to play an important role in cellular repair. Applied to hair it works on weak and brittle hair by creating a beautifully healthy, flake-free scalp for healthy hair to grow upon.
  • 8 amino acids inject the hair with protein for an increased look of lustre and intense conditioning.
  • Charged Hyaluronic Acid swells each strand for a smoother hair surface which is soft to the touch.

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