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What is hair strobing?

Have you heard of hair strobing? It’s similar to what highlighting and contouring does for the face. Hair strobing focuses on enhancing your hair color where the light would naturally hit. Strobing highlights your facial features by using the strategic placement of hair color. Some hair colorists are using make-up sponges and tools alongside their hair dyes to create a specific look.

The science behind Strobing

The sporadic application of color, combination of contrasting tones of chunky and thin baby-lights illuminate your facial features. Hair strobing is similar to the Baylage technique as they are both done free-hand. However, hair Strobing is more “piecey” and leads to a more glamorous, polished look; illuminating without creating shadows.

Hair strobing is a strategic way to colour hair to best enhance your features, whilst providing a more polished, modern Hollywood look, but requires more maintenance than the natural-looking Baylage. Strobing experts use what are known as hair maps to determine which areas should be lifted, and which should be given depth. Using hair color two shades lighter than and two shades darker than the client’s natural color, colorists are creating a wave of light to highlight the face.

Create color envy

The key to creating color envy is the aftercare. The chemicals present in hair dye can dehydrate your hair and leave it looking unkempt and dry. Not only this, but your hair has other challenges to contend with; exposure to heat, pollution and other chemicals. Using hair-nourishing products that are kind to your hair is absolutely vital for maintaining glossy and luscious locks.
Grow Gorgeous products are developed with three principles in mind;

  1. Don’t cause damage
  2. Protect from external damage
  3. Stimulate healthy hair and scalp

The Cleansing Conditioner Color Protect benefits your hair in 11 different ways, including improving shine, adding volume, reducing frizz and  hydrating the hair and scalp, all whilst preventing your colour from fading- making it perfect for enhancing and maintaining your Strobed style.

Hair Stobing has proven popular amongst celebrities, with Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne, Whitney Port and Mila Kunis giving us serious hair envy.



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