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5 simple and surprising ways to get the hair you want

So you’re following all of the hair advice (and myths) out there; lather, rinse and repeat, tying your hair up for bed, drying on a lower heat, numerous home remedies, regular trims, but you’re still struggling get the hair you want? “What am I doing wrong?” –I hear you cry! Here are our 5 simple and surprising changes you can make to get you on your way to luscious locks.

Say no to sulfates

We can find ourselves drawn to shampoo and hair products with sulfates, as they are the ones that give the best lather. The more sulfate, the more bubbles –which of course means healthier hair, right? No. Sulfates are also found in house holder cleaners and detergents. They can be harsh on your scalp and hair, so while it may feel like you’re giving your hair a good pamper, you’re probably drying it out. Consider switching to a sulfate-free shampoo or cleansing conditioner. Sulfate-free shampoos and cleansing conditioners don’t strip your hair of the natural oils so you will quickly notice your hair feeling thicker and healthier. Grow Gorgeous cleansing conditioners are 11 or 12 benefits in one, including making your hair shinier, thicker, healthier and easier to style –bonus!

Clean your hair dryer

A surprise to many long haired ladies, including some of us at Grow Gorgeous HQ, you do actually need to clean your hair dryer. There will be instructions on cleaning your hair dryer in the manual, but if the said manual is no longer a toothbrush should work a charm. Simply take a dry tooth brush and run it over the vent at the back a few times. Doing this once a week will prevent the lint and dust from building up in the hair dryer. This is what usually causes your hair dryer to overheat, so not only are you reducing the damage caused to your hair but probably increasing the life time of your hair dryer too. Hello frizz-free hair!

Be Clueless with hair accessories

As we see nineties trends come back, some more desirable than others (skirts over trousers, bandanas and very skinny eyebrows –no, thanks), look to Clueless’ Cher for your hair inspiration. That’s right everyone, schrunchies are back –and they are healthy hair’s best friend. A fabric, cloth schruncie will protect your hair from the damage caused by a rubber hair band. They don’t cause your hair to tangle or split, and they are right on trend making them a perfect hair accessory. Think fashionista with healthy hair.

Leave it to the experts

At first, hair remedies can seem a fun and effective way to get gorgeous locks. Unfortunately, this is not always the case –think hair that smells somewhere between yesterday’s breakfast and a vegetable market. Put the oats, avocadoes, Greek yogurt and lemons down and trust the hair experts. Grow Gorgeous hair masques are packed with natural ingredients such as Amazonian oils, caffeine and vitamins combined with innovative technological process and scientific ingredients, to leave you with luscious locks. From our 10 minute root stimulating masque, to an overnight masque that sends you to sleep with lavender and forest woods fragrances – we’ve got masques for the busiest and most committed hair veterans so you can get the hair you want.

Shower caps are so 60’s

Useful as they may seem, shower caps could be causing your hair to look lifeless. Often made from synthetic materials, they cause your head and scalp to sweat, flattening your hair, and giving you dirtier hair than when you got in the shower! This doesn’t mean you have to wash your hair every time you shower, but we do recommend opting for a more natural solution. Try tying your hair up out of reach of the shower head, or wrap it in a cotton towel. Wrapping it up will help to keep any unwanted moisture or humidity out, but the cotton won’t leave your head sweating.


Small changes like this will help improve the health and condition of your hair long-term, and go a long way in enabling you to get the hair you want and have always dreamed of!



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