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9 benefits of having long hair

9 benefits of having long hair

Having long hair can feel like a chore some days (most days) between washing, never-ending hair drying sessions, using more product than the average hair salon to keep your long tresses under control and can sometimes leave us wondering why we long for, lust after and love our luscious and lengthy locks.

Hair flipping fun

A good hair flip can make you feel like the ultimate sass-queen. Repeat after me, “sassy, stylish and fabulous” –*HAIR FLIP HERE*.

Save on winter wear

Forget scarves and neck-warmers, your long hair will keep your neck warm throughout the seasons.

A world of opportunity

The more hair you have, the more styles you are open to. Up-dos, long braids, waves, curls, sleek and straight-why stop there?


For ever the high school measure of success – ever seen a cheerleader without one? Point made.

Beachy Waves

Windy sea air hair never looked so good. The beach waves trend returns every year. Effortless and on-trend –it’s a win-win.

Playing with your hair is fun

….and someone else playing with your hair is even better. Longer hair = more hair = more fun.

It’s basically a security blanket

Feeling a little insecure? Just let your hair down, sass it up and you’re good to go!

Channel your inner bomb shell

Long hair is extra sexy, just ask every Victoria Secret model/Charlie’s Angel/Baywatch babe ever. Release your long hair and realize your inner bombshell.

Better everything

Myths dating back centuries claim long hair increases vitality, intuition, tranquility and even sexual satisfaction! Now where do I get my hair density serum?!!

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