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Five steps to fuller and thicker hair

When it comes to our hair, bigger is always better. Big hair is glamorous and gorgeous. It makes a statement and has all of the same impact of an expensive designer handbag or an amazing pair of shoes. Big hair gets you noticed.  In fact, your hair is the best accessory you’ll ever have – so why not make the most of it?

To get the very best from your hair and make it gorgeously full and thick there are a few things you can do to have the biggest hair of your life. There are instant fixes for volume when you want to get up and go and there are ways to encourage thicker hair over time for improved body and bounce. Whatever you’re after, we promise you’ll have thicker hair after following these five steps.

#1 Quit conventional conditioner

Many conditioners contain sulfates and silicone which give that all-familiar and reassuring slip to the product and make hair feel smooth and soft but these ingredients can actually cause long-term damage to the hair and should be avoided at all costs if you’re serious about your hair.

By using silicone-based conditioner you are stripping hair of its natural oils and the nutrients it needs to stay strong and hydrated while it temporarily adds a coat of moisture that will actually dehydrate the hair over time and lead to thinning hair. Plus, traditional conditioners tend to be heavy and can weigh hair down and make it difficult to build any lasting volume in your hair if it feels heavy and full of too-rich conditioner.

Instead opt for silicone-free formulas and consider adopting a new way to wash your hair altogether. Grow Gorgeous Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner works to cleanse and condition the hair in one simple step and as it is so gentle it won’t strip the hair of natural oils to keep hair soft and full and the lightweight formula encourages body and natural movement for thicker hair.

#2 Work the roots

For a quick fix to thicker hair then we’d recommend the old trick of flipping your hair upside down as it’s drying and blasting the roots to encourage a lift at the roots. For a further fix of volume at the roots you can play around with your hair parting. If you wear your hair parted down the centre then switching to a side parting will completely transform your hair and have it sit differently around your face giving hair a fuller look. You can also flip whichever side your hair normally parts on to the other side and this will have the same effect. If you’ve been wearing your hair the same for years then hair trains itself to lay flat on that side, flipping it over will make it stand tall and give plenty of volume.

#3 Upgrade your hair care routine

As we’ve mentioned, not all hair products are developed with hair health in mind but here at Grow Gorgeous our products were created for fuller, thicker and longer hair so you can bet we want you to have gorgeously thicker hair. Our Intense range includes Hair Density Serum Intense, Intense Thickening Shampoo and Intense Thickening Conditioner which all work to encourage hair density and promote fuller hair with a blend of ingredients such as Biotin to feed the hair so hair is nourished, healthy and full, Hyaluronic Acid which plumps up each hair strand and Caffeine to stimulate the hair scalp and encourage blood circulation for healthy hair growth.

#4 Stimulate your scalp

A head massage is an indulgent treat often reserved for  a spa environment but here at GG HQ we are all for a DIY scalp massage to accompany our shower routine. There are styling products you can use to achieve added body and bounce for thicker hair but we believe that you can get the best results if you start to care for your hair in the shower. It only takes a few minutes of massaging the head to encourage blood circulation to the scalp and therefore invigorating the hair follicles for healthy roots but you can get even more from a head massage if you partner your head massage with a stimulating scalp treatment. Volume Root Stimulating Primer  is the stimulating scalp masque that works in 10 minutes and has refreshing menthol in it to give a cooling effect and slight tingling sensation. The masque contains Burdock Root and Hyaluronic Acid which lightly lifts the roots and sets the perfect foundation for thicker hair.

#5 Style strategically

As well as flipping your hair as you’re styling it you should also consider how your hair looks and feels throughout the day. Yes a glossy blowdry can look amazing but as the day goes on and hair naturally falls a little flat your sleek blowdry will fall and hair can often look lank if it sits poker-straight. Hairstyles with texture; curls, ripples and waves are universally flattering and instantly add volume to hair which can be reworked as the day goes on so your hair always looks thick and full.

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