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Hairdresser tips: how to clean your hair dryer

For most women out there (not you hairdresser types), you probably use your hair dryer 3 or 4 times a week and you most likely haven’t even considered its maintenance. Does it work? Yes. Does it blow hot air? Yes. All good then? No.
What you haven’t thought about is whether your dryer is still working effectively and efficiently –which is where a hairdresser begins to think differently. Cleaning your hair dryer prevents dust and dirt from building up and causing your hair dryer to over-heat. No more over-heating means your hair dryer will last longer. And your bank balance will love you for that. Plus, no one likes to say goodbye to good hair dryer.

Okay, so where to start?

Firstly, make sure your hair dryer is cool and is unplugged. Then, find the vent on your hair dryer, this is usually on the back, but may be on the sides of the body of your hair dryer. Remove the cover to expose then vent. If this is the first time you have done this, or you haven’t done it for a while you will probably find that there is a build-up of dust on the surface of the vent. Now just remove the dust from the vent, we find a cuticle stick works well, and wipe down with a slightly damp cloth. You can replace the vent cover now and you’re good to blow!

What to expect?

You might find that your hair dryer seems to be more powerful, and maybe even smells better. Cleaning your hair dryer should not be a one-time thing. If you are a hairdresser a weekly clean should be enough, and if it’s just you using your hair dryer a clean every 6-8 weeks is advised. Happy Cleaning!

Follow our helpful tips to clean your way to a more effective, more efficient blow-dry! Our easy to follow hair dryer cleaning guide will revive your hair dryer.



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