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How to get rid of split ends

Split ends are your hair’s worst enemy and no matter how hard we try to prevent them, they always seem to crop up. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you get those unruly split ends under control to get your gorgeous sleek, shiny hair back in no time.

Regular trims

It’s the oldest trick in the book – and for good reason! Getting regular trims on your locks can help your hair to remain strong and healthy, getting rid of unruly split ends.

Not ready to brave the chop? Ask your hairdresser to ‘dust’ the ends – this won’t affect the length of your hair as it simply gets rid of the damaged hair tips without trimming anything off the length.

Protect your hair

Split ends occur when the hair shaft is exposed to extreme stress, causing it to weaken and fray. Make sure you’re protecting your gorgeous locks from dreaded split ends by giving it extra care and attention in your day to day beauty routine. You can do this by; limiting heat, plaiting hair whilst you sleep, using silk pillowcases, using a hair oil to add moisture, strength and protection and wearing a hat when the hair is exposed to high levels of UV rays.

Condition, condition, condition

One of the main causes of split ends is lack of moisture in the hair shaft. This is easily rectified with a weekly hair masque; the Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous masque which will add moisture, strength and shine to your locks whilst you sleep. In addition to a weekly hair mask, use a serum formulated specifically for split ends, such as the Grow Gorgeous End Split Ends serum, will do your hair the world of good. It seals broken fibres protects your locks from further damage, helping you to get your gorgeous hair back.


Nourish your hair from the inside out

Strong, healthy hair begins from the inside. Make sure you’re nourishing your body with enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats to ensure your hair is in tip-top condition. You also need to ensure that you’re drinking at least eight glasses of water per day – a dehydrated body is one of the main causes of dry hair, leading to dreaded split ends.


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