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Winterproof your hair!

We all have our seasonal routines, right? In summer we’re all about protecting locks from the sun with SPF-enriched products, while come winter we’re caring for winter hair with products with that extra hit of nourishment and hydration to protect hair from the harsh, cold outdoors. Winter hair can be a real dilemma that can cause lasting damage to our hair beyond the winter months. Icy temperatures, rain, and blustery winds all combined with central heating and styling tools can cause your scalp and strands to become more dehydrated than usual – resulting in extra dryness and frizz.

Here’s how to combat the harsh effects of cold weather with our eight top tips to winterproof your hair routine!

1. Beat heat damage

Party season is the perfect time for glam, but if you’re hitting the heat don’t forget to winterproof your hair by protecting from hot styling tools and straighteners. Try reducing the amount of heat styling or and use Repair Strengthening Hair and Scalp Mask which is formulated with Cupuassu, Shea & Murumuru Butter to lock in moisture to reinforce brittle strands from within.

2. Eat your way

Another way to keep strands strong and healthy in winter is to eat foods with the right nutrients and vitamins for gorgeous healthy hair. Foods such as lentils, almonds, carrots and avocado are all great ways to improve hair strength and health to tackle the brittle weather changes. Try and incorporate foods rich in natural oils, and vitamins to boost your immune system. Head to our blog to give you all the info you need:

8 Foods for Gorgeous and Healthy Hair.

3. Book a trim

You’d upgrade your wardrobe for Christmas so why not your hair too? There’s no doubt the winter months can take their toll on your hair, to keep yours looking your best don’t be a stranger at your hairdressers. A good trim is essential to help reduce split ends and is a great investment this party season to help look lengths look smoother and healthier-looking in an instant.

4. Be savvy about central heating

The all-so-necessary central heating is a godsend in colder months but isn’t always our hair’s best friend! Parched hair is made drier with the constant change in temperature from the blistery outdoors and our cozy, heated homes. Not to mention all the hair tugging from unwrapping all our layers and scarves adding to hair’s fragility in winter.

One way you can restore damaged winter locks is with our Repair Range, specially formulated with an ultra-nourishing blend of actives, extracts and vitamins to restore strength and vitality to locks. It fortifies dry, weak strands from root to tip, creating soft, healthy and shiny hair from root to tip.

5. Cover Up

You haven’t spent all year looking after your hair to let it be damaged now! And after all, what’s winter without bringing out your amazing hat collection? When you’re outdoors, try and protect hair form the harsh, crisp air by protecting locks with a hat, scarf or coat. Or even wrap your hair up into a bun while you’re on-the-go outside to lock in that moisture! Try and avoid wearing hair in tight ponytails to avoid pressure in the same area. If you are using hair ties, try using a silk one to reduce damage.

If hats (or hair ties) aren’t really your thing, you can lock in moisture with our Curl Defining Cleansing Conditioner. Working to gently cleanse and condition locks in one simple step, hair is left soft and smooth, ready to face the cold winter days. For more information on how to use our Cleansing Conditioner to co-wash your hair, click here.

6. Use a weekly mask

Make use of these darker nights and stay indoors for a pamper session. Try incorporating a hair mask into your #SelfcareSunday routine, it’s easy yet effective way to treat tired winter hair and replenish any moisture and strength lost from battling the harsh winter weather. A deep, conditioning treatment such as the Intense Thickening Hair & Scalp Mask is the lazy girl’s dream to healthy, gorgeous hair. The rich mask not only gives hair deep nourishment but helps visibly increase hair thickness, leaving hair looking fuller and healthier.

88% of women agree hair felt and looked thicker*

7. Avoid towel drying

One of the key frizz-fighting factors is what you do with your hair when it’s wet. Try and avoid towel drying which essentially ruffs up the cuticles when your hair is at its weakest. Dr Tim Moore, a scientist specializing in hair**, advises: “The moment you wet your hair, it changes the molecular structure of the strand straight away.

“When water is applied, it is absorbed through the hard outer layer of cuticle into the cortex, which swells up. This means it is instantly weakened.” Rubbing your hair wet with a towel can lead to breakages and extra frizz. Top tip: Gently squeeze out excess water instead, and try investing in a microfibre towel to help absorb excess water quicker.

8. Choose sulfate-free products

With our Purely Positive Promise you can be confident we’ve got the health of your hair at the heart of everything we do. Grow Gorgeous formulations nurture and nourish hair and scalp to optimum health! How? Intelligent Haircare technology has harnessed the best in high-performance actives and signature ingredients including Amino Acids, Allantoin, Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid. Sulphate is a common ingredient in many shampoo’s, but it can often cause problems to hair by stripping essential oils. This is why all of our Intelligent Haircare Ranges are formulated without harmful sulphates, silicones, phthalates or mineral oils. Discover our ranges and find the perfect one for you this winter for gorgeous, healthier-looking hair!


*Based on independent user trial.


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