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Up the moisture from your hair mask

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If your hair is in a need of some TLC but your regular hair mask just isn’t cutting it – don’t throw it out! You can improve the effects of your go-to hair treatment in a number of ways. Here are four ways to get more from your hair mask.

Hot = healthy

Applying heat to the hair is often damaging but in the case of a hair mask being applied, heat can actually improve its performance. Heat helps products such as a hair mask (or hair dye process if you’re in the salon) bond to the hair cuticles and makes the product have a lighter, more liquid consistency to diffuse through the cuticle of the hair for maximum effects and intense nourishment from the hair mask.

You can safely achieve this heat by either running the blowdryer over and around your damp hair while the mask is in it or you can wrap your hair up in towel once the mask is applied and your natural body heat will accelerate the effects of the mask on your hair.

Smooth it through

When you apply a hair mask be sure to smooth the product through your hair to ensure you don’t miss an area of your hair. Using a wide tooth comb on wet hair will prevent the hair snagging and will the mask gets into contact with every last strand of hair.

Get steamy

Many beauty products are very sensitive to heat and the steamy environment of a bathroom which is why we’re often advised to store our lotions and potions away from the bathroom cabinet to prevent a product spoiling or going off. Well, not for a hair mask!

Take advantage of the hot and steamy environment and apply a hair mask in the bathroom after you’ve showered or relax down into a hot bath with a hair mask on and let the steam get to work with the hair mask to enhance its moisturising effect.

Hair follicles open when they come into contact with warm water and this means that hair will get even more nourishment from the mask if the hair can absorb more.

Get some beauty sleep

Often you can reap further rewards from a beauty product simply from upping the time you’re applying it for and this is definitely the case for a hair mask. Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous is designed with beauty sleep in mind. Letting the mask get to work on your hair for a solid eight hours can only be beneficial?

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