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Stop static hair in its tracks

Now, we all need a little positivity in our lives… but in matters of the hair, we could do without it! Static hair is one of the most common complaints for women as they go about their day-to-day lives and we all seem to suffer with it at some point, and boy is it frustrating! Static hair is caused when negatively charged electrons are dispelled from your hair, leaving your locks positively charged and repelling each other, resulting in static hair.

Dry, damaged hair is especially prone to static electricity. Blow-dried hair that is brushed out easily becomes statically charged too. There’s a lot you can do to stop static hair in its tracks…

Keep your hair well moisturized 

More moisture equals less static. A lack of moisture and static hair go hand in hand, so make sure you’re treating your hair to a weekly, nourishing hair masque like our Overnight to Gorgeous masque and topping your strands up with a lightweight oil to inject as much moisture as possible into your hair for smooth hair.


Ditch the towel

Towel drying your hair is great to reduce the amount of time spent drying and using heat on your hair however, using a towel to dry your hair separates your strands, causing frizzy, static hair. Instead, use a cotton T-shirt to squeeze out the excess water from your locks as cotton is much less abrasive than using a towel, reducing frizz and flyaways. Leaving hair to air dry for as long as possible will help prevent static build up the less hair is touched and handled in general will help keep static at bay.


Dryer sheets are your secret weapon

Believe it or not, running a dryer sheet over your hair, hairbrush and pillow will kill any electric charges, resulting in smooth, sleek hair. Dryer sheets are conventionally used to reduce static and smooth clothes, so why wouldn’t they work as a defence against static hair? Make sure to keep one in your bag for those static hair emergencies!


Wave goodbye to plastic

They may be cheap and cheerful, but plastic combs and brushes are the biggest contributors to static hair. Instead, opt for metal brushes as metal is a conductor, so it will discharge the charges which have built up in the hair, reducing static hair.

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