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Turn your bed hair into gorgeous hair

Turn your bed hair into gorgeous hair

A bad hair day can come in many different forms; you’ve slept in too late and have to work with greasy roots all day, there’s kinks and curls that can never be tamed and that perfect blow dry that falls flat the instant your head hits the pillow. Sound familiar? You’ve got a serious case of bed hair.

Here’s 5 of the best ways to turn your bed hair into gorgeous hair.

Wake up your hair

If your hair is falling flat and feels slick to your head, there’s little a quick session with your blow dryer can’t solve. Flip your hair upside down and blast the roots on a hot setting then place a few rollers in around your face to lift the roots. Greasy hair often looks its worst when it sits flat, so encouraging lift and volume will stretch your hair wash for one more day.

Tame flyaways

Static and flyaway hair can be so frustrating when otherwise your hair would be gorgeous. Running a little serum through the mid to ends of your hair can smooth frizz and tame your bed hair. We love our Shine Serum as the last touch to styling our hair and anyone with hair that shiny couldn’t possibly have stumbled out of bed, right?

Embrace its natural texture

Poker straight and sleek hair isn’t to everybody’s taste, not least because it’s hard to achieve long-lasting volume so we say embrace your hair’s natural texture and enjoy the added benefit of volume in your tresses.

Play it neat

A neat bun can hide a multitude of sins from greasy hair, overgrown roots and frizzy ends. Pulling your hair up in a sleek bun conceals every trace of your bed hair and looks impossibly chic in the process – it’s a win/win situation!

Bring in the tools

If you have unruly waves and kinks throughout your hair then a few twists of your curling tong can bring waves into harmony and give structure to your curls. Tong wide sections of hair to loosen tight curls and smooth out kinks to create a soft and glamorous ripple to your hair and finish with End Split Ends to nourish dry ends and leave hair feeling soft.


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