4 Gorgeous Hair Colours For Fall 2019

Although we’re sad to say goodbye to long summer nights, flip flops and our dear friend the sun, Autumn is well and truly here. The leaves are falling from the trees, pumpkin-spiced lattes are in and we definitely need our fluffy winter coats. But one thing that does brighten up autumn is HAIR! You see, it’s not just the leaves on that ground that change color from their once vivid and lush green to deep orange and reds in fall but the new season sparks a hair revamp!

There’s just something in the air that inspires change every new season, so why not hit refresh and reinvent yourself this autumn? We’ve picked our top 4 hair colors for AW19 to inspire your next trip to the salon. So what do you say… new season, new you?

Blonde Balayage

Summer may be gone and our tans may be fading, but that doesn’t mean that our blonde tips have to too! During cold autumn months, we sometimes need an added glow, sunkissed-looking blonde balayage or highlights brighten up brunette hair shades, breathing a warm winter glow into dark tresses. Whilst keeping the gloss and shine of brunette hair, lighter ends can brighten up your cold winter mornings! Dependent on your original hair color, you can use a variety of lighter shades to brighten up the tips of your tresses to give a natural sunkissed look!

Icy Blonde

How come whenever autumn and winter come around we all feel a strong urge to dye our hair delicious shades of chocolate and chestnut brown? Perhaps it’s nature tempting us as the nights get darker, maybe our hair should too. We say rebel against nature and instead of going over to the dark side, break away from tradition and opt for cool icy blonde at your next autumn hair appointment. This ultimate autumn hair color will stand out against this season’s fashion colors of burgundy, mustard and everyone’s trusty back-up, black.

Rose Gold

Rose gold has been going from strength to strength over the past few years as we’ve been styling it any way possible – hair, clothes, jewelry… You name it, we’ve done it! Rose gold hair makes an incredible statement and with Christmas (aka party season) right around the corner, now is as good a time as ever to get playful with your hair. Rose gold hair works with all shades, although be mindful that the lighter your base color, the bolder and brighter your color may pick up so make sure to run your hair inspo past your hairdresser first!

Strawberry Blonde

If you don’t quite fancy taking the plunge and going to the pink side with rose gold, a close alternative is subtle strawberry blonde. Combining an assortment of auburn/blonde undertones of this ultimate autumn hair will have you glowing in the crisp autumn sunshine. For our naturally strawberry blonde sisters (lucky, lucky girls!) embrace your natural gift and curl locks to give them an extra bounce, showing them off to the world!

Although, always remember to look after your hair, especially when it has been colored!

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