5 signs you are a dry shampoo addict

For the past few years dry shampoo has become nothing less than an absolute essential hair savior on dressing tables across the world. However, 2016 has become a *terrifying* time for dry shampoo addicts all over the globe. As horrifying rumors around the negatives of dry shampoo circulate and threaten our relationship, we wonder if we ever knew dry shampoo at all. I know, it’s a sad time, and we’re here for you. Here are 5 signs you’re a fully-fledged dry shampoo addict, who needs to go cold-turkey now.

Your scalp is itchy

Many shampoo addicts are experiencing irritated scalp, and finding that cases of dandruff are worsened. The build-up of product on your scalp may lead to irritation and can cause the skin on your scalp to become inflamed and flaky.

You have sore patches and spots on your scalp

We’re sorry to inform you that over using products that can be harsh on your scalp can even lead to sore patches and spots on your scalp. This can be a result of clogged pores in the skin on your scalp, constant touching and over styling your hair and scratching caused by irritation.

Your hair is experiencing more breakages

Excessive application of dry shampoo leaves your hair over exposed to chemicals, dried out and feeling generally dull and lack-lustre. Naturally, whilst your hair is in this condition, any force on your hair, like brushing and heat styling, can cause more breakages and long term damage to your hair.

Your hair doesn’t seem to be growing

If you’re experiencing more breakages in your hair, it will seem like your hair doesn’t seem to growing. It’s also worth noting that clogging your pores with product can lead to disruption in normal hair growth. Disruption in hair growth and the balance of your scalp and lead to long-term, negative effects on the speed and condition of your hair growth.

You dry shampoo after your blow dry

Next level dry shampoo addicts are now finding new ways to incorporate dry shampoo into their hair routine, for example using dry shampoo to add texture and volume into their hair. If you find you’re too this, you’ve gone beyond too far –put the can down!

Nourishing your hair and scalp is key for getting healthier, thicker and happier hair. Here at Grow Gorgeous we are all about enhancing your natural assets –oils and all. In fact, especially oils. The naturally occurring oils in your scalp are really good for your hair and scalp. Oils offer protection, so you should think twice before trying to get rid.

Put the dry shampoo down and step away from the can.

Great for convenience, but terrible for your scalp and hair health.



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