Want gorgeous hair? Ask for balayage at your next hair appointment

The word balayage directly translates from French to mean “to sweep” or “to paint”. It is a free-hand technique of coloring hair that creates a more natural-looking finish than cap or foil highlights. Balayage also creates the appearance of more texture in the hair. Despite originating in the 1970s, balayage is becoming much more popular after featuring on red-carpets and catwalks this year.

You may have heard of the ombre trend, which seems to be drawing to a close. Ombre is a more extreme version of Balayage, often finished with copper or red glosses. For 2016-17, trends are swaying toward more natural colors.

Is balayage for me?

The balayage technique is extremely versatile and can be used on all colors and hair lengths. That said, balayage does work best in medium to long-hair, in particular long, flowing, tousled, beach-y styles. The style has been seen on IT girls of many age ranges. From Gisele Bundchen, Julia Roberts and SJP to Lauren Conrad and Rosie Huntington-Whitley. Done correctly, the Balayage technique illuminates features, softens skins tones and can even allow you to wear less make-up.

The color is best determined by a color specialist, who will select a bespoke color to suit your skin tone, hair type, color history and features. What is more is that as the color is painted on in a naturally occurring fashion. The grow out stages are less obvious and enabling you to wait longer between appointments. This means less exposure to chemicals, and therefore less damage.

Whilst the damage felt through the balayage technique can be less compared to more traditional highlighting and coloring techniques, particularly due to the frequency of treatments needed, your hair will still be exposed to chemicals. And, if like us, you use a wand or styling tong to get the tousled, beach-y look your hair will be exposed to high temperatures on a regular basis. Whilst we do all we can to reduce the damage, sometimes a little miracle product can go a long way.

Hello Sleeping Beauty

Treating your hair to a Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous hair masque will restore, strengthen and intensely hydrate your hair whilst you sleep giving you gorgeous hair literally overnight. Simply apply a generous amount of the masque to your hair and leave on whilst you sleep, rinsing off in the morning. Not only will you be left with soft, frizz-free, princess hair, but the Overnight to Gorgeous masque smells amazing, made with lavender and woodland forest fragrance to send you into a fairy tale, dreamy sleep. It’s a purchase that you won’t regret – hello sleeping beauty!

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