Game of perms – Curls are back in town

The rise in popularity of Jon Snow means that the world of men’s hair dressing is increasing resembling an episode of Game of Perms- sorry, Thrones. Seriously though, everyone has GOT one.

Okay, so joking aside, whether it is a result of a very popular TV show, or simply an extension on the current huge beard trend, man perms are back. The man perm trend is being welcomed back from the seventies and eighties by a new age of metrosexual males.

The perm has changed since the seventies and eighties and is now more carefully styled, to look more natural. The perms are created with smaller rods to create neater, more style-able curls. Women often dye their hair and expose their tresses to heat and chemicals every day so damage is a concern. Whilst men’s hair tends to be less damaged, meaning the aftermath of a perm is less of a concern.

The evolution of perms

It is fair to say the perm trend has been much more of a constant amongst women over the years. Since pioneering in the twenties (despite considerable risk of electrocution!), the introduction of the Wella Junior Point Wind Machine in the thirties and the Toni home perm kit phenomenon in the fifties the art of perming has become increasingly sophisticated. Advancing technology means that achieving luscious curls is much easier and less-damaging to your hair. Plus, with more nourishing and protective treatments available, any damage caused can be more easily repaired and prevented. Our End Split Ends serum was developed to defend the hair from external aggressors and contains a unique formulation of natural oils. The oils work to create a protective shield around the hair shaft, increasing the hair breaking force by up to 41%. Meaning you can worry less about your hair health, and more about your curls.

Perm-fect advice

So seems like we could offer some last words of advice if you’re thinking of getting a perm. Think less like Justin Timberlake and Barbara Streisand in their perm eras. Look to Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively for your perm-spiration. Finally, buy some extra nourishing and protective products, and don’t go too short –you don’t want to wind up looking like a poodle.