What to consider when choosing your wedding hair

After picking THE dress, deciding on how to wear your hair on your wedding day is a pivotal moment for many brides-to-be. For many of us, hair forms so much of our identity and it’s something we’re often recognised by in our everyday lives. So on this one special day do we stick to what we know and simply aim to look like a polished, best version of ourselves or does your wedding day demand you try something new with your day?

Unlike wearing a big white dress which is an entirely foreign thing for many of us, we’re faced with styling our hair day-in-day-out and so your wedding day seems like the perfect occasion to up the ante with your hair. Stop right there! Your wedding day is not the time to experiment. You want to feel and look like yourself on your wedding day so taking some time in the coming months before your wedding to plan your hairstyle for the day will help smooth out and define the idea you have in your head on how you’ll look on your big day, plus give you time for any hair growth or color touch-ups.


There are lots of factors to consider, but the style of your dress is the focal point to base any and every decision around when it comes to your wedding day. The neckline of your dress is of particular importance when considering different hairstyles. So when you’re trying on your dress in the bridal shop, play around with your hair. Pull it back to show off your neck, sweep it across to one side, consider the style of the dress and pinpoint the focal point of your dress to ensure your hair is competing with this element of the dress.

For instance, if your dress is one shouldered and you plan on wearing your hair up, consider pulling your hair to the opposite side to the shoulder strap of the dress to balance out everything going on from the shoulders and above. Equally, if your dress has an amazing back detail, either cutting really low down to expose your back or has really intricate embellishment detailing, you don’t want your long hair to cover this so an updo may be best for a bride wearing this sort of dress.


We hate to mention this, but when it comes to weddings, there’s another word beginning with W that often gets mentioned when we talk about weddings (especially amongst British brides)… the weather. If you’re having your wedding outdoors or simply want to weather-proof your ‘do then there are certain hairstyles you wear that either hold up against wind, rain and humidity or simply get better with a little movement thanks to Mother Nature. Classic chignons and low slung buns neatly tucked into place and secured with pins and hairspray a non-movers in terms of timeless style and holding out against a wet or windy climate. Alternatively, loose waves that naturally come undone as they day goes on and the evening festivities roll out are safe bets for looking good in any weather condition as a gust of wind or spike in humidity, give the hair a fully, ‘lived in’ look.


Everybody’s own version of themselves they imagine for their wedding day is often stark in contrast to their everyday look. You may wear your hair down every single day but insist on wanting a fancy updo for your wedding day (it is your wedding day after all, you deserve to feel special!) so you’ll need to see yourself in this new style before the day itself. Book in for a hair trial with either your regular hair salon stylist or seek out recommendation from friends and have them do two or three different hairstyles on you so you can see how you feel. You may have always thought long and loose curls were your go-to style for special occasions but your stylist should be able to suggest a way to incorporate your vision into a practical, long-lasting hairstyle for your wedding day. Which brings us on to our next point…


If you’re requesting your styling try some curls in your hair or you ask for some flowers be braided into your updo, the idea you have in your head may not translate to the finished product in your hair. Bringing photos or screenshotting a few of your favorite looks on your phone to show your styling is so helpful in explaining exactly what you want from your hair trial. Visual aids can limit confusion or misinterpretation when your ‘half-up half down’ idea looks completely different to what you had imagined. Your stylist wants you to be happy and wants to be able to create the vision you have in your head but terminology around hair often gets complicated so pictures are your safest bet.


Whatever hairstyle you’ve landed upon as your wedding day style, you don’t want to have a hair out of place. To ensure all the hard work that’s gone into your hair isn’t knocked out or messed with just before you change into your dress, wear a button down shirt or even a robe so you can seamlessly slip out of your clothes without having to lift anything over your head, potentially messing up your hair in the process.

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