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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overlook Your Scalp Care

Whether it’s smooth ends, bouncy curls or silky waves, we all have hopes and dreams for our ideal head of hair. We know a constant salon-fresh look is technically possible, yet it somehow seems so unattainable. That is because there is a major component that many of us overlook or simply disregard when considering these luscious locks- our scalp health. In fact, the scalp in general is a somewhat avoided topic. This comes as no surprise, considering dandruff has been unfairly linked with social rejection for decades. However, it’s time we bring the topic of scalp care onto the table. Healthy hair starts with a healthier scalp. That glossy shine and bounce? It starts at the root. If you’re ignoring your scalp care, it’s unlikely that your hair aspirations will ever be met.

What does a healthy scalp look like

As our scalps are usually covered in a mass of hair, the visual signs of skin crying out for help can go unnoticed. That’s why we need to pay extra attention to how it feels. If you feel any sort of burning, dryness or itchiness, it’s time to assess your scalp health. You may be wondering what does a healthy scalp look like? In short, it should be clean, calm, and smooth.

woman with clean healthy scalp


1. Itchy, flaky scalp

An itchy, flaky scalp is the first warning sign. These are the two most common pointers that you need to add some scalp care into your showering routine. You might be wondering why, all of a sudden, you have an itchy, flaky scalp? Upon further inspection, you may notice some redness too, and this means that your scalp is irritated. There can be multiple triggers of this irritation, whether that be stress at work, a reaction to a new hair product, or perhaps you’re simply not shampooing enough!

In order to restore calm to your scalp, add in a soothing scalp care step every day for a month. The perfect solution for itchy, flaky scalp concerns is one with antioxidants and prebiotics to relieve sensitivity and rebalance a healthier scalp environment, such as our Soothing Cica Extract 25% Booster + Prebiotic. The Cica Extract (also known as Tiger Grass) forms a protective barrier for your skin and can help renew the cells on your scalp. It’s known to treat sensitive skin and will calm, relieve, and soothe. Accompanied by Polyfructose extracted from the Chicory Root to cleanse and support the scalp’s environment, this is the ultimate duo for an itchy, flaky scalp.

2. Product build up in hair

If you’re finding your hair is getting particularly greasy questionably fast, you may need to assess product build-up in your hair. Another sign of build-up is dullness and dryness, as your natural sebum is being blocked from providing shine and moisture to the hair. Lastly, it can also be adding to that itchy, flaky scalp we mentioned. Product build-up in the hair is almost inevitable after a stretch of time, especially if you’re using silicone-based products which don’t rinse out easily.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw out your entire hair care kit, simply add in a step for scalp care and cleansing. You can do this by exfoliating with a detoxifying scalp scrub once or twice a week. Make sure to opt for one that is effective yet gentle on the scalp, as we don’t want to cause any scratches or irritation. Our detoxifying scalp scrub contains White Willow Bark Extract and Bamboo Exfoliating Particles that lightly exfoliate, Grapefruit Extract to stimulate, and Pomegranate Enzymes to gently loosen dead skin cells and remove product build-up in the hair.

3. Scalp health can affect hair growth

If you’re still not sold on the importance of scalp health, think about planting a seed in soil. How successfully the seed grows into a plant is a direct result of the soil it grows out of. If the soil is watered, nourished and healthy, the plant will mirror this. The same applies to our scalp. Our hair will not grow to its full, glossy thickness if we overlook our scalp care. Once you’ve gotten rid of the accumulation of product build-up in the hair, try a scalp massage to stimulate hair growth. Using the tips of your fingers (not the nails), apply a medium pressure and make small circular movements around the scalp. Not only does this feel heavenly, massaging improves blood flow to the scalp and encourages growth at the bottom of the hair follicle. When massaging, add in a few spritzes of our leave-in Scalp Tonic. Some of the hair-boosting ingredients this tonic is made up of are Biotin and Caffeine for thickness and density, Taurine Supercomplex to invigorate and hydrate, and Vitamin C to re-energize.

woman with curly hair taking care of her scalp

4. Dry skin on scalp

During the winter in particular, you may find patches of dry skin on the scalp. This could be due to the change in weather and its conditions, with cold air, indoor heating and hot showers all being incredibly skin-dehydrating. We may know to double up on the moisturizer for our faces, arms, and legs at this time of year but yet again, the skin on our heads is ignored. Winter is arguably the most essential time to add a step of scalp care into your moisturizing routine and it doesn’t have to be complicated. We recommend massaging a few drops of the Volumizing Niacinamide 10% Booster + Prebiotic after a warm, lengthy shower. There’s no need to rinse again, which gives you a few essential minutes to spare on those rushed mornings. Niacinamide is another name for vitamin B3 and works wonders for getting rid of that dry skin on the scalp and restoring volume at the roots.

5. It can impact your confidence

Lastly, no matter how glamorous your outfit or glowing your skin, it’s difficult to be confident with an itchy, flaky scalp. Having said that, scalp concerns are nothing to be ashamed of and can be easily resolved with the right scalp care. Instead of stressing, scratching and hiding behind hats, try soothing with antioxidants, cleansing the build-up, and massaging back in some moisture! Your healthier scalp and confidence boost will thank you later.

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