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How to Get 90s Fluffy Hair

The Clueless two-piece, Princess Diana’s biker shorts, Rachel Greene’s dungarees- it’s undeniable that the nineties brought with it some iconic looks. Although you may prefer one style to the other (yellow gingham isn’t for everyone) there’s one feature they all have in common- the 90s fluffy hair. Along with Dr. Martins and scrunchies, fluffy hair was never being left in the 90s. In fact, it traveled with us all the way through the noughties and twenty-tens to now sit as a TikTok hashtag with over 250 million views. Whether it has been inspired by the (anti-climatic) reunion of Friends or the rise in sustainable vintage fashion, the demand to know how to get 90s fluffy hair is higher than ever.

Use hair products for volume and body

If you’re spending chunks of time trying out various blow-drying and curling techniques to be left with lifeless hair, you need to investigate your products. You want hair products for volume and body. This means they should firstly be free from sulfates, as these strip your hair of moisture leaving it limp and dull. Secondly, avoid products that are silicone-based. Silicone-based products are hard to wash out and therefore end up clogging up your scalp, blocking your natural oils from coming through with that bouncy shine. Thirdly, sometimes all your hair needs an extra helping hand. This comes in the form of products specifically designed to defy gravity and give a voluminous lift.


So, what products do you need?

In order to get 90s fluffy hair, you need the products to give you a solid base to work with:

  • A primer to moisturize the scalp and give the roots a kickstart.
  • A shampoo with Pea Peptides to strengthen hair follicles and provide that fullness.
  • A conditioner with Sweet Almond Oil to nourish without weighing the hair down.
  • A serum with rice protein to visibly increase volume.

Now that we have the products for the volume and body, let’s move on to the method. Surprisingly enough, there is yet to be a gadget or technique invented that tops the original way how to get 90s fluffy hair. That’s right, we’re still using rollers.

What kind of hair rollers should I get?

If you associate rollers with a period of time before electricity, we have news for you. Some of the top celebrity hairstylists today swear by hair rollers for volume and bounce, if you know which hair rollers you should get.

Firstly, what type of curl do you want? The thin, wirey ones you may have spotted on your grandmother make those tight curls that we’re avoiding for the moment. The bigger the roller, the bigger the bounce.

Secondly, how much time do you have? If you’re a last-minute type of person, you can opt for the hot rollers. These will give your hair a curl in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, you can go for the classic Velcro rollers. These are the ones still used in backstage dressing rooms for the voluptuous hair of modern-day supermodels. Plus, don’t let the catwalk’s seal of approval lead you to think otherwise, these rollers don’t break the bank! Most cost in between ten and twenty pounds.

How to use hair rollers for volume

Step One- Prep The Roots

Start by massaging the Root Stimulating Primer into your scalp and leave for ten minutes. We want to lock in as much moisture into our roots as possible so the rollers stay in place.

Step Two- Cleanse and Uplift

Once your primer is rinsed out, gently cleanse the hair with the Bodifying Shampoo. Follow by smoothing the Bodifying Conditioner through the mid-lengths of your hair to gently condition and boost hair without weighing it down.

Step Three- Rough-Dry and Backcomb

Apply the Bodifying Serum to towel dry hair to plump the ends and roughly dry the hair until it’s about 80% dry. You want it to be slightly damp when applying the rollers. Tease it at the root with a comb.

Step Four- Make a Mohawk

Once the roots are ready, section your hair into four parts: the left side, crown, right side, and the back. Begin with the crown and apply the rollers in a ‘mohawk’ pattern (from the front of the head to the back). Take sections that are the same width as your roller diameter, tuck the ends of the hair in and start rolling from the bottom to the scalp. Roll outwards away from the face. Pin the roller in place with a clip.

Step Five- Follow with the sides and the back

Repeat this method for either sides. What’s outwards/inwards may get confusing here, so to simplify: Place the hair to the left of the roller, wrap it around, tuck it in, and roll.

Our tip: Pinch the hair as you roll to make sure all of the baby hairs get included. Use the larger rollers at the back for extra volume. Your arms may get tired whilst doing the back, consider it a workout.

Step Six- Apply Heat

Run the hairdryer over the rollers to apply heat. Wait about 20 minutes for the hair to cool and fully dry. Take them out and tah-dah! You have successfully achieved the 90s supermodel hair in the comforts of your own home!

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