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Why the ponytail is the ultimate hair style

If there’s one hair style we can bet each and every woman has worn at some point in her life, it’s the ponytail. It’s a classic, and for good reason! What’s so good about this seemingly simple hair style is its versatility. It can be worn when you pull your hair back on a whim or to get it off your face when you’re working out or a sophisticated, polished style for an evening out. Of course it needn’t be one extreme to the other and there are a plethora of ways you can update your ponytail; playing with accessories and textures in the hair. Here’s our new favorite ways to style the ultimate hair style, the ponytail.

A trick for thin-haired women


If you have thin hair then you may think wearing a ponytail is reserved only for lazy days when you’re not out to make much of an impression with your hair. If a lacklustre trail of hair coming from your ponytail isn’t exactly the showstopper hair style or how you’d like your hair to look and seeing full, swishing ponytails makes you envious then there is a trick to make your ponytail fuller. Teasing your ponytail to add volume is a quick and easy solution to making your hair look and feel fuller. To get the most from this method, ensure you’re teasing every section of your ponytail for added volume.

Dress it up


Not only do many traditional hair ties snag the hair and can easily create breakage, they’re also kind of ugly and can detract away from a hairstyle. Using a strand of hair to conceal the band has been a popular twist on a ponytail for seasons now, but we are loving this fresh take on securing your hair – with ribbon!

The prettiest ponytail


Securing your hair at the nape of your neck instead of wearing your ponytail higher up is such a classic and chic way to wear your hair. It is especially fitting for an evening look and is so simple to do. Your hair will take all over thirty seconds to style so you’ll have more time to perfect that smokey eye.



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