How to make the best impression in your online profile picture

Discover how to nail your online profile picture whether you're looking for new furniture, a new job or a new relationship.

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Professional Hairstyles – what your hair tells your employer about you

Discover what people deem to be the most professional hairstyles, and how we feel about what your career hair should be.

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Post workout hairstyles to avoid the dreaded hair wash

Read about our three top hairstyles for that will help you avoid washing your hair at the gym. Our 3 styles will keep you covered whatever your job or after-work plans.

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Hairdresser tips: how to clean your hair dryer

Follow our quick and easy guide on cleaning your hair dryer and clean your way to a better blow dry.

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5 70s hair & beauty trends you can recreate

Discover 5 70s hair and beauty trends that will keep you on trend this season. From pastel eye-shadow to feathered layers, we take a look at reinventing some of the key trends from the seventies.

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What is meditation for multi-taskers?

Rethink meditation as you know it, and enter the world of meditation for multi-taskers! Great hair and relaxation can go hand-in-hand. Namaste!

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Do blondes have more fun?

Thinking of going blonde? There's a lot to consider, which shade, which salon, which style -but ultimately do blondes have more fun?

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9 benefits of having long hair

If your long hair is feeling like a chore, read these 9 benefits before you opt for the crop. Long hair brings surprising life perks that you don't want to be missing out on.

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