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Ingredient IQ: Castor oil

Ingredient IQ: Castor oil
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Castor oil may not be a hot ingredient of the moment (thanks to coconuts and avocados taking the limelight for such a long time) but the vitamin-rich natural oil is definitely something you’ll want to get acquainted with to totally transform your hair. We’re here to tell you why castor oil is your new hair hero.

The thick, vitamin E-packed oil boosts moisture and is highly effective in replenishing skin and hair, so when this comes into contact with the scalp, you can imagine the great effect it will have on the roots of your hair, making them hydrated, strong and nourished.

So, how have we at Grow Gorgeous incorporated Castor Oil into our products?

Being such a powerful ingredient for caring for the health of your hair, it’s no wonder that it is a major player in one of our most recent products, Scalp Detox. The exfoliating scalp treatment works to cleanse and treat the skin on our heads and deep down to the roots so hair reaps the benefits of this all-important castor oil to help improve hair.

Castor oil is a great exfoliator

We rely on natural castor oil beads in Scalp Detox to gently yet effectively exfoliate the scalp, shift dry skin and break down product build-up that sits on the scalp and blocks the roots of the hair.

Castor oil speeds up hair growth

Yes, there’s long been talk around castor oil and its ability to contribute to healthy hair growth. As it is a very hydrating and nourishing oil, when coming into contact with the scalp and roots, castor oil replenishes the skin and, in turn with scalp exfoliation, this will stimulate circulation.

Castor oil is great for sensitive scalps

Castor oil is also well-known for its healing properties and has been used in ancient medicine for centuries. If your scalp feels tight or dry, castor oil can soothe and help repair the delicate skin on our scalps. As it is a natural antibacterial and has anti-inflammatory properties it can make a dry, itchy scalp more comfortable in two ways; offering moisture and fighting bacteria so the health of hair and roots are never compromised.

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Writer and expert
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