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NEW Scalp Tonic & Boosters: How to moisturize your scalp

NEW Scalp Tonic & Boosters: How to moisturize your scalp
Rosalind Roberts
Writer and expert2 years ago
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Discover GG’s new scalp care range formulated for healthy locks - containing iconic ingredients to help moisturize your scalp and keep it in optimal, gorgeous shape!


Craving healthy, luscious locks? Look no further than GG’s NEW scalp care range; introducing clinically proven heroes that have been expertly developed to lay the foundations for gorgeous hair. Beautiful hair starts with a happy scalp and here at GG we know healthy locks start - the roots. Read below to get the low-down on how to moisturize your scalp and how to exfoliate your scalp to remove scalp build up with GG’s latest range.

Introducing scalp care to your routine

Much like your 4-step skincare routine - or 10 - your scalp requires special attention to keep it healthy, moisturized and vibrant. Many scalp issues have long-term effects on not only how your hair follicles grow but the overall condition of your hair.

GG scalp care can fit into your daily routine in as little as 5 minutes, either as a 4-week targeted treatment or a permanent fixture.

The Scalp Tonic Routine

Wondering how to moisturise your scalp? Our Scalp Tonic offers continuous scalp care benefits - a haircare shelf staple - to deeply nourish your scalp, so it stays hydrated and moisturized. This leave-in tonic is formulated for all hair types and packed with stimulating scalp care ingredients - leaving you with healthier, thicker feeling tresses.

How to moisturize your scalp with the GG tonic

Focusing on your roots, start spritzing the tonic evenly throughout your hair. Apply to damp or dry hair and start massaging in. Comb through to smooth any excess product through the lengths of your hair. If you’re a curly girl - curls that don’t like to be brushed - opt for a curl pick or scalp brush to help distribute excess.

We recommend trying on damp and dry to see which works best for your texture and fits into your busy schedule. How often you apply is down to your haircare needs, either first thing in the morning or on the go - hello, moisturized scalp!

Blonde model showing how to moisturise your scalp with the Grow Gorgeous tonic

Key Ingredients

  • Micro Algae stimulates the scalp leaving hair looking and feeling stronger, denser and full of vitality
  • Multimineral Active encourages the scalp’s optimum vitality to help the scalp feel hydrated
  • Spring Sea Water supports the skin barrier function for a healthier-looking scalp
  • Kakadu plum extract with a high source of Vitamin C helps to re-energise the scalp
  • Taurine Supercomplex helps the scalp feel invigorated with an instant hydration and energy boost
  • Biotin and Caffeine encourage thicker, denser and healthier-looking hair

The Scalp Booster Routine

Four grow gorgeous scalp boosters for moisturising the scalp

Our stimulating boosters have been carefully designed to tackle your specific scalp care needs, scientifically formulated to reveal healthy-looking scalps. They are 4-week targeted treatments for a variety of scalp concerns; to regulate the sebum on the scalp, exfoliate scalp build-up, combat oxidative stress and relieve sensitivity.

How to moisturize your scalp with a GG booster

Start by sectioning hair off for easy application. On towel-dry or dry hair begin to distribute 20 drops directly onto the scalp where you have parted your hair. Massage the booster into your scalp in circular motions. Do not rinse out. Use daily for one month.

Woman with long brown hair using the Grow Gorgeous scalp care booster

How prebiotics help your hair & scalp health

If the only thing you’ve heard about prebiotics is from yoghurt ads, you’ll be happy to know that prebiotics - good bacteria - not only keep our guts and immune system healthy, they have been found to improve the overall condition of our scalps. Each GG booster has been formulated with the prebiotic, polyfrutose extract from chicory roots, to further support a healthy environment for scalp microflora to maximise your scalp’s revival.


Which booster treatment should I use?

All hair textures will benefit from the 4-week booster treatments as our hair goes through many phases, stages and looks. The condition of our strands is affected by the products we use, how we style our locks and how we live. Depending on your scalp concern and the condition of your hair you can choose the one best suited to the results searching for.




Many sensitive scalps are irritated by cold weather, harsh shampoos and scalp build-up. Symptoms of a sensitive scalp include prickling, dryness, itching, redness and flaky skin. Dry skin on the scalp appears when your scalp has too little moisture. To provide instant comfort to your sensitive scalp, GG’s CICA Extract 25% Booster + Prebiotic instantly comforts a sensitive scalp with soothing moisture and calms the appearance of redness.

The soothing ingredient: CICA

CICA, also known as tiger grass, is rich in antioxidants and has been used for centuries to soothe and calm skin.  CICA injects moisture to sensitive scalps to soothe and calm redness.



NIACINAMIDE 10% BOOSTER + PREBIOTIC for controlling sebum on scalp

When our crowns are looking flat and roots oily, it could point to signs that our skin barrier function is weakened. What are the culprits that affect our skin barrier function? These can be external and internal conditions: the environment being too humid or dry, allergens, over-washing, harsh soaps and too much sun exposure. To restore volume at roots and moisturize your scalp, opt for GG’s Niacinamide 10% Booster + Prebiotic: an energising treatment that promotes a healthier scalp environment.

Skincare hero: Niacinamide

Niacinamide – a skin saviour - is a multi-functional active ingredient that reduces water loss and improves the skin barrier function. This scalp care hero is effective in reducing sebum production. With this booster your sebum on the scalp is now controlled, resulting in shine-free roots.




VITAMIN C 10% BOOSTER + PREBIOTIC for healthy hair

When our locks are looking dull, dry and lacklustre, it can often point to signs of free radicals playing havoc with our hair. Free radicals are found in pollution, cigarette smoke, pesticides and radiation (UV from the sun). Free radicals cause oxidative stress on our healthy strands, where the healthy cells can no longer function properly.

Environmental stressors (free radicals) and scalp build-up can lead to oxidative stress on our tresses. Signs of oxidative stress are when our strands break easily, become dull, colour fades quickly and a loss of shine. Looking to bring life back into your hair? Reach for GG’s VITAMIN C 10% Booster + Prebiotic, containing powerful antioxidant protection that rejuvenates and revives hair, leading to healthier roots and scalp.

Vitamin C for Hair

This booster contains a stabilised form of vitamin C that is absorbed into the skin as ascorbic acid. This iconic skincare ingredient is known to boost collagen synthesis and is well known for its antioxidant power for combating oxidative stress. Vitamin C for hair shields strands against oxidative stress and brings shine back to your locks.



AHA 5% BOOSTER + PREBIOTIC for removing scalp build up

Over time hair products can build up on the scalp and hair shaft, which cause an overproduction of oil. Although sebum (oil) moisturizes and protects our skin, producing excess production of sebum and dead skin cells can clog our pores, which contributes to oily crowns that go greasy very quickly.

For a quick fix, we begin to wash our tresses more often, yet our strands start to produce a lot more sebum on the scalp to stop it from becoming dry. We see this as our hair starts to get greasy very quickly – either all over or certain parts of our scalp. Wondering how to exfoliate your scalp, clear scalp build-up and dead skin? Look no further than the AHA 5% Booster + Prebiotic: a purifying treatment that encourages cell turnover and promotes scalp resurfacing. This booster gently clarifies and refines the appearance of your scalp.

Key AHA ingredient: Glycolic Acid

The AHA booster contains the skincare hero glycolic acid. By using a glycolic acid scalp treatment, it provides a gentle chemical exfoliation to clarify the scalp of dead skin and scalp build-up. Please avoid sun exposure when using this glycolic acid scalp treatment.

Now you've got the low-down on how to moisturize your scalp with the latest scalp care range from GG. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram with your haircare journeys.

Rosalind Roberts
Writer and expert
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Roz is a brand content editor that loves all things haircare! She has a Master's degree in International Fashion Retailing & Multi-channel Marketing.