Pea Sprout Extract for hair

Also known as Pisum Sativum

What is Pea Sprout Extract?

Sprouts are the germinated seeds of legumes and grains. Many of us will have eaten the beans that sprout from these plants, but interestingly the sprouts actually provide more nutritional value. Pea Sprout in particular holds a whole host of health benefits for your hair!

Benefits of Pea Sprout Extract

Packed with nutrients, vitamins and fibre, these superfoods have a long list of health benefits. With nutrients including Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron, it is clear these Sprouts are a superfood for your body, skin and hair. But their main benefit is helping to stimulate hair from the root!

Pea Sprout Extract for hair

Pea Sprouts are very beneficial for hair growth, feeding both the scalp and hair with essential nutrients and antioxidants to refresh and revitalise hair from the root. Studies have shown that Pea Sprout Extract can help shorten the Telogen phase of the hair growth cycle helping to strengthen hair follicle stem cells.

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