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How to achieve easy overnight heatless curls | Hair Hack

How to achieve easy overnight heatless curls | Hair Hack
Elizabeth Thomsen
Writer and expert3 years ago
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If you’re on social media, chances are your feed has been flooded with videos of heatless curls and waves for a while now. But is this damage-free hair hack really worth the hype?  The viral hair trend for easy overnight heatless curls, as made famous by TikTok and Instagram, is great news for your strands, eliminating the danger of damage caused by tools with high temperatures. Whether your hair is naturally textured or poker straight, in just a few simple steps – and with a little help from the right products – you can rise and shine to gorgeous, natural-looking waves. 

How can I make my hair wavy overnight without heat? 

Ready to ditch the electrical tools and achieve effortlessly glam curls minus the damaging heat? There’s no need to invest in a high-techexpensive styler to create your desired look: simply reach for everyday household items to achieve enviable waves – no fancy braiding skills required. Our favorite tried and true accessory is a bathrobe belt, but you can get fantastic results with tights and even socks! 

Follow our simple step-by-step guide before bed and prepare to wake up to compliments... 



For bouncy root lift, prep your hair with our Volume Root Stimulating Primerbefore lathering up with the GG shampoo and conditioner best suited to your hair type. This menthol-enriched hero stimulates the scalp and wakes up follicles for gravity-defying volume at the crown.  

If you’re lucky enough to have been blessed with natural waves, enhance its texture by gently scrunching a dollop of ourCurl Defining Leave-In Butterinto freshly washed tresses and leave hair to air dry. This award-winning formula offers beautiful definition and excellent style hold, so your glam heat-free curls are guaranteed to last.  



Position your bathrobe belt horizontally across the middle of your head and secure with a clip. Grab a section of hair from the front and wrap it backwards over the belt, away from your face. Add more hair from the lower sections as you go, repeating until lengths are fully secured. Use hairbands or clips to hold in place and leave to set for as long as possible – preferably overnight. 



In the morning, gently unravel your hair, remove the bathrobe belt and admire your bouncy, perfectly formed curls! Gently brush through and run a couple of drops of Repair Heat Protection Leave-In Oil through the mid-lengths and ends for ultra-glossy definition. 

Do heatless curls damage your hair? 

Not only do heatless curls save precious styling time and give a professional finish comparable to that of curling wands and heated rollersthey protect hair from thermal damageUnlike electrical styling tools – which can cause dullness and dehydration, split ends, keratin damage and increased frizz – heatless styling allowyou to experiment with different looks while protecting the health of your hair in the long term. The result? Longer, stronger strands and the perfect hair swish! 

Woman with long brown hair with highlights showing results from using heatless curls


How can I make my curls better? 

Can’t bear to part with your curling wands, rollers or straighteners? If the heatless styling hack isn’t for youthen our Repair Heat Protection Leave-in Oil is essential to defend against damaging heat. Blended with six precious oils including Marula and Moringa, this styling must-have provides a lustrous shield against temperatures of up to 383°F.  

Woman sitting down wearing jeans and white shirt with long blonde hair, taking a picture in a mirror.


Happy curling! We love to see how our products and tips are transforming your hair. Tag us in your heatless curl looks on Instagram for a chance to feature.

Elizabeth Thomsen
Writer and expert
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