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Craving hair that defies gravity? It's time to lift your lengths and boost roots with this volume-enhancing range. Discover a collection that's specially formulated to build, bodify and make your hair look and feel bold, bold, BOLD. The range includes a volume-boosting shampoo, conditioner and treatment rich in shine-boosting Rice Protein to improve manageability and leave hair looking glossy. The Ultimate Volume Trio Bundle features our coveted Hair Growth Density Original, which works to thicken hair from root to tip. Browse the range today and boost your roots to all new heights with a range featuring full-size products, bundles and minis.

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Why Grow Gorgeous?

It's more than ‘just’ hair. Here at Grow Gorgeous, our clinically proven formulas have been expertly developed to help you to unleash your hair’s full potential so you can be unapologetically you. Discover your gateway to gorgeous hair with this iconic collection of volume-boosting products. Powered by shine-enhancing Rice Protein, conditioning Pea Peptides and nourishing Amino Acids for hair that defies gravity.