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Struggling to find a shampoo for your sensitive scalp? Do you just prefer your haircare scent-free and delicate enough for sensitive skin? Want dermatologically tested haircare that's kind to sensitive skin? Discover the Sensitive Collection: a collection of carefully-curated haircare products that go easy on the planet AND your hair. This gentle range could help to transform your hair confidence in as little as three steps! Use this gentle shampoo, conditioner and treatment trio that's specifically formulated for sensitive skin and scalps to soothe, cleanse and condition your strands. This range is designed to provide complete care for even on the most sensitive of scalps.
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Why Grow Gorgeous Sensitive Range?

It's more than ‘just’ hair. Here at Grow Gorgeous, our clinically proven formulas are expertly developed to unleash your hair’s full potential so you can be unapologetically you. Nourish your hair with a gentle touch courtesy of our dermatologically tested and fragrance-free Sensitive range, powered by a cocktail of Omega-3-rich Oat Lipids to improve the skin's barrier, hydrating Antioxidant-rich Fermented CICA extract and mineral-rich Cactus Extract.