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Is it time for a scalp detox? Lay the foundations for gorgeous hair from the roots courtesy of our Scalp Care Collection. Deep clean your scalp and achieve the perfect canvas for gorgeous hair with our Scalp Detox Scrub. Suffering from scalp issues? Try our non-greasy Boosters on for size. These gentle scalp serums can be applied to damp or dry hair or layered underneath your usual haircare favourites. Choose the formula best suited to your hair’s unique needs, or combine them to achieve a bespoke solution. Whatever your concern, it's best to start at the root of the problem! Don't skip the scalp – banish build-up, soothe stressed-out skin and create the optimal environment for happy, healthier-looking hair today.

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Why Grow Gorgeous Scalp Treatments?

Here at Grow Gorgeous, we believe you should never skip the scalp. Unleash your hair's full potential with this range of expertly curated scrubs, boosters and serums. Enriched with moisture-boosting Niacinmaide, antioxidant-rich Vitamin C and soothing Cica Extract, they're sure to take you from zero to scalp hero in no time at all.